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Introducing the all-new (October 2016) EllipsePlus featuring a non-slip sandblasted and textured surface to prevent lotions and balms from creating a slippery hold.
  • CNC-machined and sandblasted grip pattern for a non-slip hold. Unlike our competitors' textured surfaces, our pattern is designed with raised surfaces (versus crevasses) to prevent emollients from getting trapped in order to maintain a more sanitary instrument.
  • Specifically designed for IAFM (Instrument-Assisted Fascial Mobilization)
  • Created by clinicians for clinicians and athletes
  • CNC-machined stainless steel (not casted)
  • Mirror-polish finish (not chromed nor plated)
  • Double-beveled for versatility
  • 6 Distinct edges for maximum versatility
  • Laser-welded Accu-SphereTM for trigger point therapy
  • Includes Hardshell protective case
  • Includes Emollient balm specifically formulated from natural ingredients for IAFM
  • Over 200 5-Star reviews on Amazon.